for the rotation-drilling-process

- custom-made screws and drilling-buckets for hard stone,
  Ø 620 mm to Ø 2.000 mm
- pile footing extensions , Ø 620 mm to Ø 2.000 mm


for the clamshell-process

- hydraulic spherical drilling-clamshell for Ø 880 mm to Ø 2.000 mm,
  (clamshell length: 7.000 mm) with a clampforce of 100 t to 200 t
- for uncased drilling
- separable, for drilling under limited height conditions
  (clamshell length: 2.800 mm - 3.200 mm) with a clampforce of 100 t to 200 t


for casing systems

in the rotation-drilling-process and in the clamshell-process

- new constructions / designs and modifications according to the drilling   conditions
- gimballed and to the excavator hydraulically lockable casing systems
  (applicable up to an incline of 20°)


Reinstatement Work and Repair

- reconditioning and repair of all civil engineering drilling tools (also on site)


Steel Construction

- welding of steel constructions (connection-beam-constructions for bore piles,
  etc.) for excavation pits (sheeting)


New Constructions / Designs

- hydraulic spherical drilling-clamshell
- hydraulic centering and inserting gripper for sheet piles at a cantilever
- gimballed casing systems with hydraulic support (locking) to the supporting
- hydraulic and mechanical quick-locking at the push casing for rotary-drilling-
- slotted wall clamshell guidings